My favorite thing about Arrow is that the actors are so buff that I don’t have to suspend my disbelief about the fights and stunts

My least favorite thing about Arrow is how I have to totally suspend my disbelief in the fact that FAMILY MEMBERS DON’T RECOGNIZE EACH OTHER BECAUSE OF A THIN STRIP OF BLACK FABRIC OVER SOMEONE’S EYES

Okay but here’s the thing about Oliver Queen

(because I have an addictive personality and I can’t stop watching Arrow because the somewhat-crappy first season was SO WORTH getting through to get to the second)

Despite five years in dire situations, and the fact that he DID change a lot, he’s still a spoiled rich boy. The fact that he’s constantly ordering people around (especially Felicity) tells you something, and in that moment when Isabel Rochev tells him he doesn’t have the money to support Blood’s anti-gun campaign, he’s STUNNED. Like, he keeps being floored by situations where he can’t buy his way out of things, or where his power is curtailed in some way. I really hope they write/play that intentionally, because I think it gives a lot of continuity to Oliver’s character. He doesn’t go from total asshat to angel because he’s had a horrible five years—he’s still dealing with like 20 years of growing up SUPER privileged.

All that said, even though it’s a good acting choice, I am so over him throwing fits and pouting when he doesn’t get what he wants.