So last Wednesday I heard something crack in my neck and left shoulder as I was running for the train, and I haven’t been able to move or sleep well since, so today I finally gave up and went to the chiropractor. He cracked the heck out of me, and said my C5 and C6 vertebrae were all messed up, so it was good to get those fixed, but also he adjusted a couple of things under my left shoulder blade that were pulling the muscles in my neck, and he says unless I want it to happen again I have to 1) practice relaxation so that I’m not carrying so much tension in my shoulders, and 2) I need to stop hunching over, and instead I need to sit and walk with my chest out and shoulders back.

So. That kind of sucks. Not the relaxing thing—I can work on that. But I’m pretty sure binders aren’t helping my back and shoulders any, and now I have to intentionally make my chest more obvious?? Nooooooooooooo.

Dysphoria is hard on your health, yo.